Coaching Style
CoachingIn every coaching session I aim to develop the client to their full potential. Key to achieving this is great rapport between client and coach; creating this is intrinsic to the way I work. In business, coaching must deliver practical and commercially viable solutions, bringing benefits that are tangible. While my focus is firmly on the needs of the client, I take an active role during coaching, by both challenging and offering support. Together we work towards achieving great results.

Executive Coaching
My role as Coach is to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the relationship, and to facilitate new ways of viewing situations and interactions. Using my skills and experience, I aim to enhance performance and confidence and to foster the achievement of excellence and success.  I take a systems perspective where we examine the consequences of solutions for the wider organisational context. I bring a fresh perspective and a creative approach to dealing with difficult peer, employee, client relationships, or team interactions. My approach is collaborative and solution-focused, where the solutions and strategies are elicited from the client.

Team Coaching
I work closely with Team Leaders to create high performing teams focusing on building cross-functional collaboration, professional trust and collective accountability.  Team offsites are tailored to address business objectives and the development of leadership skills.  The offsite meetings allow teams the opportunity to reflect on current progress and clarify next steps, and the space to have business-critical conversations not possible in the day-to-day operational environment. Teams are energised and focused by interactions at this level.